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Rock Kickass Wins Github Gameoff

Posted By John Bubriski, 03, January, 2013, in games

In late October GitHub announed that they would be hosting their first Game Off! The contestants had one month to develop a game that would run in the browser and would be based loosely around some Git-related themes. So we decided to drop everything for the game that we were working on and go full steam ahead on a new game solely for the Game Off. And…

We won!

Rock Kickass Celebrating

Well, technically we were one of 5 winners in the 2012 GitHub Game Off, but I know some people might still call Rock Kickass “The Winner” :D

Thank you!

Again, thank you to GitHub for hosting the Game Off, the judges for taking time out of their busy lives, and to all the people who supported and continue to support us!

p.s. to celebrate, we’ve created some hi-res desktop wallpapers of the image above. You can download a 1920x1200 version and 1920x1080 version. Thanks for all the support, comments and critiques, keep ‘em coming!

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