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Fragcast Episode 9

Posted By Jared Barboza, 02, October, 2014, in fragcast

FragCast is a weekly podcast where the founders of Frag Castle Games talk about the latest progress on their games, the video game industry, pop culture and the ups and downs of running a super-small, lean startup.

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In This Episode

  • Jared and John talk about balancing work, home and being a indie
  • It’s time for the Fryeburg Fair, Jared goes every year so we talk about fair games
  • We talk a bit about the Entreprogrammers podcast, which is hosted by 3 programmers who are now running their own businesses
  • John added a fountain to our new game, and it’s incredibly huge. Seriously. It must be stopped.
  • We talk a bit about incorporation a bit. We started as an S-Corp in Delaware and it’s been a very complex situation for us.
  • John reviews Revolution 60, which he completed this week

Currently Playing?

  • Jared has been playing desert golf
  • John has been playing Call of Duty - heeeeeee’s baaaaaaack!

Opening Song by RoccoW - “Create A Song in A Day Challenge #1”. This song is shared under a Attribution Share A like 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license. We sampled a 20 second clip from the middle of his awesome track to open our podcast. RoccoW does not in any way endorse our podcast. The opinions and viewpoints expressed by the Hosts of FragCast are theres and theres alone.

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