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Fragcast Episode 6

Posted By Jared Barboza, 17, February, 2014, in fragcast

FragCast is a weekly podcast where the founders of Frag Castle Games talk about the latest progress on their games, the video game industry, pop culture and the ups and downs of running a super-small, lean startup.

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In This Episode

We go a little longer than usual but this episode is full of good things: Jared, John and Keith discuss

  • We’re changing the frequency of our podcast. Weekly is fun, but taking too much of our time and we need to focus on Rock Kickass as much as possible. We’ll be releasing new episodes of FragCast monthly and trying new things with the format to make this as informative and entertaining as we can.
  • What do we think about HTML5/JavaScript powered games? What - if anything - is holding them back?
  • What do we think about the partnership between Microsoft and Unity and the deprecation of XNA. How will this affect MonoGame?
  • A lot of indies say that “Your first 5 games won’t make any money so don’t get deterred, keep making games”? Is that really true?
  • What is the most challenging thing about making games?
  • This Artificial Intelligence that knows how to play Mario.

Currently Playing?

  • John is still playing Dark Souls and Slayin’ (iOS)
  • Keith is back playing Dark Souls, Speed Runners
  • Jared is playing Dungeon of the Endless, Stealth Bastard
  • Jared and Keith are in love with Speed Runners however the menu controls and control customization still need some work, but the game is still early access so these things will likely be fixed by the time the game is “finished”.

Opening Song by RoccoW - “Create A Song in A Day Challenge #1”. This song is shared under a Attribution Share A like 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license. We sampled a 20 second clip from the middle of his awesome track to open our podcast. RoccoW does not in any way endorse our podcast. The opinions and viewpoints expressed by the Hosts of FragCast are theres and theres alone.

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