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Fragcast Episode 5

Posted By Jared Barboza, 10, February, 2014, in fragcast

FragCast is a weekly podcast where the founders of Frag Castle Games talk about the latest progress on their games, the video game industry, pop culture and the ups and downs of running a super-small, lean startup.

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In This Episode

Jared, John and Keith discuss

  • RK Runner Development is progressing. We’re getting closer to the finish line.
  • John added a new weapon that fires multiple rockets to RK Runner.
  • Jared added some code to make picking up coins a bit easier.
  • Keith has been working hard on the design docs for Rock Kickass. Keith also talks a bit about the Clone feature that will be the core mechanic in Rock Kickass.

Currently Playing?

  • John is still playing Dark Souls
  • Keith is back playing Dark Souls, Speed Runners, Rayman: Origins and Hammerwatch
  • Jared hasn’t played anything; instead watching people do speedruns through Dark Souls (yeah, hang on everyone, it’s a Dark Souls episode)

Current Event type things

  • Jared doesn’t understand economics or capitalism. Jared thinks that games that are 20-ish years old should be public domain and free. “Why Games Should Enter the Public Domain”
  • The gang talks about “Just Cause developer says AAA game development unhealthy, unprofitable” where the developer of “Just Cause” says that AAA development forces long hours and unhealthy living and is harder to make a profit. We all call shenanigans on the “8-10 times more difficult” statement.
  • Jared also has no idea how expensive Nintendo games were. $100??? Really?
  • We talk about in-app purchases and how we’re not really fans of them, if the purchases are centered around getting new items or other permanent unlocks its easier to accept. Games that are blantantly holding the gameplay hostage by limiting your playtime unless you hand over more coins are really annoying.

Opening Song by RoccoW - “Create A Song in A Day Challenge #1”. This song is shared under a Attribution Share A like 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license. We sampled a 20 second clip from the middle of his awesome track to open our podcast. RoccoW does not in any way endorse our podcast. The opinions and viewpoints expressed by the Hosts of FragCast are theres and theres alone.

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