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Fragcast Episode 2

Posted By Jared Barboza, 20, January, 2014, in fragcast

FragCast is a weekly podcast where the founders of Frag Castle Games talk about the latest progress on their games, the video game industry, pop culture and the ups and downs of running a super-small, lean startup.

In This Episode

Jared and John talk about amazing and wonderful things such as:

  • not knowing how long they’ve been in business
  • Rock Kickass is coming along, working on Art and game-design, check out for updates
  • Gamemaker isn’t too good about letting you know when you’ve reached its license limit
  • RK Runner’s active installs have gone up 600% since the first of the year
  • We’re working to update and improve RK Runner, something we’ve been meaning to do for a while
  • We share a negative review, and later, talk about how we try to handle critiques and avoid flying off the handle
  • John mentions a nes emulator for the dreamcast
  • We both answer questions that Jareds Wife asked about game development:
    • “How do you share your ideas with the public while still preventing people from copying them?”
    • “How do you handle constructive criticism from people? What if it’s not constructive?”
    • “What software do you use to share your ideas for games?”
  • Jared briefly mentions Game Feel: A Game Designers Guide to Virtual Sensation
  • John mentions that zynga got sued for copyright infringement. You can read more about it here and here.

Currently Playing?

  • Jared is currently playing: Lego Marvel Superheroes, Batman: Arkham Origins, Mark of the ninja, Fist Puncher, Guacamelee, Fez
  • John is playing: Battlefield, Dark Souls

Opening Song by RoccoW “Create A Song in A Day Challenge #1”

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