Final Frontier: First Contact



You have been captured by an alien race and are being forced to fight endless waves of ships. There is no escape.


Wave after wave of enemies will try and kill you. Defeating enemies will earn you points that you can use to upgrade your weapons between rounds.

As the game progresses, you will encounter different types of enemies including:


  • Speed: Low to High
  • Damage: Low to Medium
  • Weapons/Abilities: Lasers, Missiles, Cloaking enemies with different abilities like:


  • Speed: Low
  • Damage: Medium to High
  • Weapons/Abilities: Lasers, Missiles, Turrets, Beam Weapons

Non-combat ships (Sometimes the enemies warp in the wrong ships!)

  • Speed: Low
  • Damage: None
  • Weapons/Abilities: None

and more!


You can use the keyboard, or a gamepad with dual thumbsticks.

  • Movement: Left stick, or arrow keys
  • Primary Weapons: Space
  • Special Weapons: Ctrl
  • Start next wave: Q
  • Upgrade Lasers between waves: A
  • Upgrade Missiles between waves: S
  • Quit: X


  • Don’t wait for enemies to start warping in! Always be firing!
  • Pickup powerups when you see them!
  • Be comfortable with the fact that you will die.