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Posted By Jared Barboza, 13, December, 2012, in company

So this is our new site, what do you think? It a ton better than the landing page that once greeted all you fine gamers (both of you).


What is Frag Castle Games?

Frag Castle Games, Inc is a small, small, small, small game company started by myself, Jared Barboza and John Bubriski in July of 2012. We’re just a couple of programmers that worked together at a previous job and decided that we wanted to try our hand at making fun, engaging games. We’re new to the whole Indie Game Developer scene but so far, we’re loving it!

Recent Work?

Recently, we’ve been killing ourselves pushing out a 8-bit platformer named Rock Kickass for the Github Game-off. It was rough since both of us have full-time day jobs, and John has a 6 month old daughter and a 2.5 year old son, but we pushed through and delivered what we both think is a fun game. You can play it now over at the Rock Kickass landing page!

We’ve also been working on a MonoGame-powered, space-shoot’em-up-meets-smash-tv game called “Final Frontier: First Contact”. We fell in love with MonoGame at Monkeyspace this year, where John added support for wireless Xbox Controllers and we donated $100 to help the development/marketing of the project.

What’s Next?

We’re taking it easy for the month of December, but by no means are we stopping. John has already shown me some prototypes of new Rock Kickass features and I am working on launching this site and putting together our Post-Mortem post on Rock Kickass, and we still have Final Frontier: First Contact to work on!

Check this blog, follow our company @fragcastle, @jbubriski, and myself @codeimpossible on twitter for more indie game updates!

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